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** We are a PEANUT FREE class. Please help keep our room safe for everyone! **

Kindergarten – Ms. Alves

(Spring Show 2017)

(Field Day 2017)



  • Stepping Up ceremony for K is TOMORROW June 22nd at 10:30 am! In the auditorium!
  • Summer packets for the first grade will be going home, attached is the supply list for the class!



(Our How To writing)

Kindergarten art craft for Commandment 4- Keep God’s day, Sunday, special. We made stain glass art out of coffee filters, markers, and water. So we can remember going to church and keeping Sunday special for God.

Bible Stories from the Old Testament
Noah’s Ark (God’s promise to never flood the earth again – he gave us a rainbow.)

The Tower of Babel (how we got all the different languages around the world)

Abraham & Sarah (God’s Promise & The Father of Many)

Joseph (his coat of many colors & his brothers & his dreams)

David & Goliath (size does not matter, it’s about what’s inside)

Daniel in the Lions Den