August 151913 – Under the direction of Reverend David J. Hickey, the ground is broken to build St. Francis Xavier School.

January 18, 1914. – The cornerstone is laid, and Saint Francis Xavier School opens with 18 classrooms and a large auditorium with an enrollment of 473 students. Two principals, Sister Agnes, Sisters of Joseph, and Brother Eugene, a Franciscan, welcome the students to the girls and the boys schools that share the building.

January 23, 1927 – An annex with 8 classrooms is added to the main building of the school to accommodate an enrollment of 1044 students.

1956 – The addition of two floors with 8 classrooms to the annex building is completed.

1960’s – The number of lay teachers increases.

1970’s – St. Francis Xavier School welcomes students from the St. Augustine Elementary School which is closed due to low enrollment.

1974 – Sister Kathleen, a first grade teacher, is named as the St. Francis Xavier School principal.

1980’s – The last Franciscan brother leaves the school.

2001-2004 – St. Francis Xavier School participates as a model in a 3 year New York State pilot dropout prevention program because of its success with both Black and Hispanic students who attend the school.

2011 – Sister Kathleen ends a 40 year tenure as principal and Mrs. Dorothy Taylor is appointed as the new school principal.

2013 – The last of the Sisters of Joseph nuns leave when the school becomes St. Francis Xavier Catholic Academy.

September 21, 2014 – St Francis Xavier celebrates its 100th anniversary educating the children of Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights and Carroll Gardens.