Pre-K-3 and Universal Pre-K-4

We offer a five-day Pre-K program for children who turn 3 by Dec. 31, 2017. Children must be toilet trained.  Parents have the option of enrollment for a half-day or full-day program.

Our 3-year-old program incorporates imaginative play-based and exploratory learning opportunities for your child.  Children learn about shapes, colors, numbers, letter recognition, seasons, holidays, the days of the week, the calendar, and the world around them.  They also learn about God and their prayers in a safe, nurturing environment.  There are games, activities and routines designed to build your child’s confidence, self-esteem, self- awareness and independence.  This program will enable your child to develop appropriate social skills and make new friends!

Universal Pre-K-4
This program is a free, high quality early education program that runs on a full day schedule five days per week from September though June.  The program is designed to support children in the way they learn and develop most effectively. Instruction is focused on the NYS Pre-K Foundation for the Common Core and classes are full of discovery, learning, inquiry and participation.  Applications are available from Jan. 25 – March 4, 2017. Go to NYC PreK, call 718-935-2067 or visit Family Welcome Center. For additional information, you may also call the school office at 718-857-2559.