SFXCA student uniforms can be purchased at:
Ideal Uniform Store
1816 Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11210
(718) 252-5090

The required uniforms are:

Dark green school pants
Yellow Shirt (pointed collar): November – April
School Tie: November – April
Yellow Golf Shirts: September – October and May ? June. Tie Shoes – no boots or leather sneakers
School Sweater (green with yellow trim) Hair: Boys and girls must keep hair neat and tidy at all times
Boys are not permitted to have a tail, braids, color, tint, or have a design cut into their hair.
Earrings: Boys are not permitted to wear earrings in school

School Jumper, K-6; school skirt and vest, 7-8
Yellow blouse with pointed collar
Dark green knee socks/tights
School Sweater (green with yellow trim)
Girls may wear pants from Thanksgiving to Easter
Flat-heeled black or brown tie shoes – no boots or leather sneakers
Girls are not permitted to have hair hanging in their eyes or come to school with elaborate hair styles.
Girls are not allowed to color or tint their hair.
Girls may wear post earrings only (one in each lower lobe).
Multiple earrings on each ear are not allowed.
Hanging earrings are a hazard and may not be worn in school.
Only two rings allowed on your hands.
Make-Up: Students are not permitted to wear make-up, artificial nails or nail polish in school.

Body piercing is not allowed.
No visible tattoos on boys and girls.
Shoes: Required footwear is a brown or black leather tie shoe that closes with laces. Shoes must be tied. Sandals, platforms, wedges, sneakers, slip-ons, loafers or boots are not allowed.
No high heels are allowed. Shoes must be tied at all times.

Gym Uniforms must be purchased at Ideal.
Sneakers are only worn on Gym days when students are required to wear the school Gym uniform. Sneakers must be tied or fastened at all times.
The Gym Uniform consists of:
Fall (Sep-Oct) and Spring (April-June)
Blue Shorts
Blue Uniform T-Shirt
Winter (Nov-Mar)
Blue Uniform sweatpants and sweatshirt (depending on weather conditions)
All gym uniforms must be neat and clean.